God. Family. Nations.


Destiny Ministries International started in 1990 as a student movement with a vision to change the society and touch the nations by changing peoples lives one at a time. Since its inception, DMI has grown from a student organization to an international ministry with 11 churches in the Philippines and 5 in other countries.

Though our methods have evolved through the years, our passion has always been to lead people to life-changing encounters with God through the culture of family where everyone is accepted and loved. We believe that transformed lives transform nations.

Along the way, we are committed to equip other church leaders who want to create a culture of family where everyone is accepted and loved by passing on what we’ve learned.

We are the revolution.

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Recent Articles

Empowered by God

God desires to reveal to this world His beauty, goodness, glory and love. And this is through His sons and daughters, you and I, that He sovereignly plans to do it. This is an invitation to change the world around us by His love and power.

How to Discover Your Divine Purpose

God is a God of purpose. Everything He created from the unseen to the seen, exist and come into being for a purpose. There is purpose for every design. So how do we discover His purpose for us?

How to Experience God’s Power

When we hear stories of miraculous works of God on a person’s life a desire is awakened in us to experience the same thing. This is a God-given desire. But how do we move from just having a desire for the miraculous to actually experiencing it consistently and progressively in our lives?