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Why We Need to Experience God

|Paul Yadao|


How we view God greatly affects the way we approach Him, make decisions and live our lives. Without a deep and personal experience with Him, we end up responding and relating to Him based on what others say He is. Although there is a great value for this, nothing can replace personal encounters with God. Every encounter with God is a revelation of His nature and His intentions toward us. And these moments with God deeply transform us from within to without.

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Personal God
When we read about the different facets of God’s nature and identity we discover that a lot of them reveal that He is a Person and that He desires to engage with us on a PERSONAL level. He wants to relate to us not just as a corporate unit or body but as unique individuals. He knows us by name. Jeremiah wrote “Before you have formed me in my mother’s womb you knew me.” The word knew signifies intimate knowledge and experience. Meaning, long before we were conceived and born on this earth God had already known us and experienced us intimately. Before we ever had a knowledge and experience of Him He knew us deeply and personally. Before we learn to love Him He first loved us.

Yes He loves us because that’s who He is—GOD is LOVE. And LOVE is best expressed in relationship. And for Love to be powerful and real it must be personal. In fact one of the names of Jesus is Immanuel—God is with us. And He is also for us. Jesus calls us His Friend. He is our Father. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor. David calls Him my Shepherd, my Rock, my Shield, my Deliverer, my Tower, etc. In short, God must be PERSONAL to us in all aspects of life—career, ministry, finances, health, dreams, desires, and plans. He is a PERSONAL GOD. It is never His desire to be considered distant, disconnected and cold towards us. He is LOVE and His love is perfect. And the fullness of His amazing love is experienced in His Presence.

Great Men in the Bible
If we do a study of the mighty men in the Bible we see that their personal encounters and walk with God led them to do mighty for God. To name a few:

a. Moses encountered God in a burning bush. From a prince who was reduced to a shepherd, he became a deliverer of a nation.

b. Abraham encountered God and he became the friend of God. God blessed him and made a covenant with him and he became the father of many nations.

c. From a fearful farmer of a humble family, Gideon became the leader of a mighty army—a valiant warrior. The list is long.

The Heart of David
Of all the men and women mightily used by God, David gives us a deeper understanding of his personal relationship with God. His psalms are equivalent to our present-day journal entries or devotion. His personal communion with God written in a form of songs (which says a lot about his depth of passion and expression of that passion to God) are mixtures of intercession, yearnings, fear, anger, complaint, confusion, humility, brokenness, courage, dreams, devotion, despair or even depression.

Come to think of this: If somebody in the future happens to read your journal entries, what will they get? Will they be encouraged, empowered, guided or disempowered, confused and disillusioned?

But do you think you have the same or similar mood swings or internal struggles and tensions like David?

I would like to congratulate you. You are the perfect candidate to walk a personal walk with GOD. You are chosen to embark in this adventure. You are invited to this amazing journey of discovering Who God is to you and Who He will be through you.

And of all the Psalms of David, the one that captures Who God is to him is no other than Psalm 23.

Now, I want you to personalize this Psalm. Read it as if you wrote it. And make it personal to GOD. Talk to Him, and if you want, sing it to Him. But make sure you dig deep in your heart. Really mean it. Say it to Him as if He is in front of you. Let us go through it one verse at a time.

Psalm 23
Let me give you an example: Instead of reading “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” , you say to Him, “Lord, my Father, my Friend, You are my Shepherd—the One who guides me, loves, cares for me, knows me personally. I will lack nothing, I will always live in Your Presence, You will always be for me, I will live in abundance of Your love, provision, goodness and kindness…”

Being Personal with God
God longs to journey with us in this life. He desires a people who will see Him for Who He is—Friend, Father, Shepherd, Mighty God, Strong Tower… in the Present and the Future. Not to be distant but to be personal. Connected. Engaged.

Something happens when GOD becomes personal to us. We DISCOVER the beauty of what He has called us to be and to do. Because when God becomes PERSONAL to you, His promises becomes POWERFUL through you!

You are not an ordinary individual who is trying to make it through the day. You are the FRIEND of GOD. Through you He will reveal the secrets of the Father. Through you He will change the world.


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Soaking in God’s Presence [Podcast]

Welcome to the Destiny Podcast. In this recording, Paul Yadao shares at the monthly prayer gathering of the churches of Los Banos Alliance for Revival, Reformation and Missions (LBARRM) about soaking in the presence of God.


Screen grabbed photo from Youtube/Tom Bice


Listen to the Audio (Language: Filipino+English)



In this recording you’ll discover:

  • What is soaking in the presence of God.
  • Why we need to soak.
  • Some practical steps to soaking.


Watch Video

Here’s a portion of the soaking time led by Pastor Paul Yadao captured on video by Tom Bice.


Explore Additional Resources

Here are resources that could help you learn more about soaking:



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3 Steps to Achieving Greatness

|Verge Ascabano|


We all want to be great. Everyone wants to win. Nobody likes to lose. But the problem is not everyone achieves greatness. Here are three steps we can learn from Jesus in achieving greatness.


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1. Desire greatness. 

The first step to greatness is to realize that desiring greatness is not a bad thing. Many Christians misunderstand the desire for greatness as pride. That’s why many believe that you have to restrain your desires for greatness to be able to maintain your humility. I believe this is a big lie of the enemy to keep us from becoming great.

When the disciples of Jesus were arguing with each other about who was the greatest (Mark 9:33-35), Jesus did not try to quell their desire for greatness. He even affirmed their desire to be the first and taught them the secret to greatness.

2. Be the last. 

Jesus told his disciples “Anyone who wants to be the first must be the very last…” (Mark 9:35). This is a contradicting statement. Logic tells us that if you want to be first then you will have to fight for it. Being last will never make you the first. That’s just not logical.

I believe Jesus was challenging his disciples’ mindset. He wants us to see beyond logic and live from a higher truth. He is saying that if you want to be first, then you will have to put your own selfish desires last. What God values is not the person’s ability to be the first. What He really values is your willingness to be the last for the sake of others.

In God’s ‘world’, great people are those who unselfishly let others go before them. It’s completely the opposite to how our world thinks. Jesus told his disciples, “You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them.” (Mark 10:42)

This is the way of the world. This is our common view of greatness. For us, greatness is lording over people. It’s all about having power over others. It’s about being able to command others to serve your needs. When you are rich, you can buy power. You can pay others to serve you. This gives you a sense of greatness. That’s why many people want to get rich.

“But it is not this way among you…” Jesus continued. “But whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all.” (Mark 10:43-44)

3. Serve.

God’s idea of greatness is service. To Him, the greatest of all is the servant of all.

God has blessed us with skills, talents and abilities so that we can serve and bless others. These are not just for our own sake. So if you want to be great then you have to serve well.

Jesus, the Son of God himself—powerful and great in authority, did not come to earth to be served. He came to show us what true greatness really means. He did not just teach it. He lived it. He served people. He healed their diseases. He performed miracles so that people will be fed. He prophesied over people so that their lives will be restored to wholeness. He taught people the principles of heaven because he wanted them to be successful in life. Jesus’ motive for everything he did was service. This was the passion of Jesus. His love was expressed through his acts of service.


Question: Is your view of greatness the same with God’s view?


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Kingdom Identity

|Paul Yadao|


We are God’s beloved sons and daughters.  I John 3:1a says, “See how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God; and such we are.”


Photo Credit: Basissa82 via Compfight cc


We are born of the Spirit and we are God’s children, bought and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. We need to know who we are and whose we are, both are inseparable aspects of our identity.

Why is there a need to know about our kingdom identity? Our identity in Him is the bedrock, the foundation and platform on which the purpose of our existence, our God-given assignment, stands. The right understanding of our identity aligns us rightly with the Kingdom of God. When we align to His will, we are released and empowered to do our kingdom assignment. Our freedom to do what we have been designed to do and to be on this earth flow from our kingdom identity. What we do for Him comes from the overflow of who we are in Him. Thus, our BEING comes first before our DOING.

Alignment Before Assignment

In other words, it is alignment first before the assignment. Our identity qualifies and positions us to receive and experience the fullness of the glorious spiritual inheritance made available by the Father in Christ. Through this we can walk in freedom and victory with consistency and progressively enabled by His grace to accomplish our heavenly assignment here on earth.
When our heavenly identity is not clear our heavenly assignment becomes vague and we live without meaning. We have that gnawing sense of emptiness, reducing us to merely existing, slaves to other men’s opinions and expectations. The sense of purpose is lost and consequently the sense of fulfillment in life.

Identity brings stability. People who have a clear, inner grasp of their identity in the Lord live the most stable and productive lives despite the odds and challenges they have to face everyday. Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther, David; these are overcomers that have displayed rock-solid confidence, courage and an overwhelming faith in the One True God. Jesus himself faced countless oppositions and threats, angry mobs, even the devil but He triumphed over all of them because He knows that He is the Beloved Son of God.

In I John 4:4 it says, “You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

This is the truth, we overcame him, because of the once-for-all victory of Jesus over sin, sickness, death and the devil and all his minions. Anchoring our identity in the finished work of Jesus positions us in authority, power and the divine ability to execute the judgment written over the enemy two thousand years ago.


When we come in complete agreement with what He has made us to be–His dear children through what Jesus paid for on the Cross, then we will be able to live victoriously, far above limitations and fear. We will fulfill our task to expand His Kingdom, destroy the works of the enemy, and bring the reality of His heaven here on earth with all passion and courage.


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Empowered To Empower

|Ariel Tenorio|


We are all products of empowerment. Somehow, one way or another, someone has helped you do things you couldn’t do before. Someone taught you things you didn’t know before. You are now the person that you are today because there were people who empowered you and contributed to your growth as a person.

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Now it’s your turn to empower others. People who are empowered always seem to make people around them stronger, bigger and more capable of doing and dealing with life itself. On the contrary, hurting people will hurt others and discouraged people will discourage others. We need to empower others because there’s a huge crowd out there crying out for empowerment. They need to see right models. They need to see and witness that they can make things happen. They need heroes. They need leaders. They need to see hope. They need those who will lead and guide them into greatness.

To impact and influence others, we need to grow our inner person, develop our character and enlarge our capacity. Our ability to learn from the situations we face each day makes us more skillful to deal with life’s difficulties and challenges.


We need to discover and rediscover ourselves to be able to grow our inner person. As we discover every single gift, talent or skills we have, we can then apply them to empower others.

The greatest crisis today is not economic crisis but identity crisis. This is what I experienced when I still didn’t know who I was in the Lord. When I was young, it was difficult for me to relate with people because I felt so insecure. Many times, I would avoid mingling with people so that they would not find out my weaknesses. Discovering myself was a continuous process. There were lots of joys, pains and disappointments but it’s all worth it.

When I was a child, I was raised and trained by my parents to be helpful to people by serving. They taught me how to be always ready to lend a hand in whatever way. I didn’t know that the Lord was preparing me to be a servant leader. All the hardships and difficulties became a way for me to learn and reflect.

One of the things I will never forget is how my mom empowered me to cook at a young age. She taught me how to cook as early as eight years old. At that time, I thought I was being punished to work so that I wouldn’t play too much. What I did not know was that the skill I acquired from my mom would be my ticket to exploring the world. That skill brought me to the beautiful country of Switzerland to learn French and Mediterranean cuisine. That skill helped me to gain friends and connections. My mom empowering me to learn that skill at a young age helped me discover my ability to cook. And that ability of cooking became an avenue for me to bless others.

Mighty Warrior

The Lord is on the lookout 24/7 throughout the earth, looking for anyone who He can strengthen to carry out His heart for other people. Everyone of us received from God specific gifts, talents, strength, favor, grace, and anointing for a specific call and assignment. It’s just that most of us still don’t know what our call and assignment is.

There’s a story in the Bible that can teach us about discovering ourselves in God. It’s the story of Gideon.

Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress (because he was afraid of the Midianites) when the angel of the Lord appeared to him. The angel said to him, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Wow, what a way to be encouraged by the Lord!

All of Israel was in great trouble and distress because of the cruelty of the Midianites but here comes this angel saying to Gideon that he was a mighty warrior.

Gideon’s reply was, “O Lord, how shall I deliver Israel? Behold, my family is the least in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.” (Judges 6:15)

I think we can all identify with Gideon. Sometimes we make lots of excuses so that we won’t be chosen. Even if we’re the most qualified person to do the job, we back out because of our lack of confidence.

The greatest battle we face is how we view ourselves. We cannot go beyond our belief. So what we believe in ourselves becomes our reality. Before we can face the battle outside, we need to face the battle inside of us.

Renew Your Mind

Change happens when we renew our minds and shift the way we think towards believing in what God is telling us. We need to tear down the old order to live the new life.

God’s response to Gideon was, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?” The Lord answered, “I will be with you, and you will strike down all the Midianites, leaving none alive.” (Judges 6:14,16)

God’s word to us are our realities. They are not merely words of encouragement. The moment we believe it, it will transform us. That’s why Christians are called believers because we ought to believe what He says.

It did not matter to God what the inadequacies and weaknesses Gideon had. God sees him as a champion no matter what. His word then became reality to Gideon and he became a mighty warrior and delivered the Israelites from captivity.

Seeing With God’s Eyes

We need to begin to see ourselves as God sees us. We are precious in His eyes. He empowers us thru the Holy Spirit so we can empower our family, friends and others. Stop dwelling in your past failures and weaknesses for God is empowering you today to begin to live the life He destined you to live.

You are empowered so that you can empower others. So just like Gideon, rise up and be the person God sees in you. Don’t be afraid for God is telling you, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!”


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Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

|Nick Sosmeña|


Our generation today is influenced by larger than life fictions of modern day superheroes with extraordinary powers and abilities. People flock the cinemas to watch these superheroes in action and somehow we want or desire to be like one of them. Why? Because inherent in everyone of us is the desire to have such power. Not only to become famous but to be a hero, to do something good and worthwhile.

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

My favorite hero as a young boy was Voltes V. As a teenager, it was Superman. Now, it’s Paul Yadao. Haha, I’m just kidding. Of course my favorite heroes today are God’s generals (and Paul Yadao is one of them).

Is it unusual to have heroes? I think not. Deep inside the heart of every individual is a God-given desire for power.

God designed us to live in victory, freedom and abundance. To experience this kind of life we need to dis-cover that power.

The Bible says that this world is leaning towards evil and that the spiritual battle is so real.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

While these so called superheroes defend and fight for people against bad people (villains), the truth is every Christian, every child of God can receive POWER from on high so we can both defend ourselves against the wiles of the devil and free others from the strongholds of the evil one so we can all live in victory and fulness of life.

So how can we receive this power?

Forty days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after showing Himself to the disciples in many different occasions, the time finally came for our Lord to ascend to heaven. The disciples were clueless of what’s next so they asked the Lord Jesus if now was the time for Him to restore Israel. While their mind were still focused on the localized political point of view, Jesus had a different plan. He gave them clear and much needed instructions and commands that would prepare them for what’s going to happen next. A new and very exciting chapter in their lives was about to unfold and suddenly they were filled with expectancy and anticipation.

Jesus revealed to His disciples the grand plan and I believe it was not what they have expected from Him. While they were thinking of a political rule to be established in Israel, Jesus wanted them to conquer the whole world for Him! The scope of what Jesus wanted for them to have is global. (We need to look at our ministry in the same way.) And to do that, they will need the POWER of God through the Holy Spirit. They needed to obey certain rules to receive the power. It’s the rules of engagement. If we want to be effective in ministry works by the power of the Holy Spirit, we need to also observe these rules.

But first, Jesus told them to wait.

Gathering them together, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised, “Which,” He said, “you heard of from Me”. (Acts 1:4)

Stay and wait. Don’t go anywhere or start anything but stay where you are until you receive the promise. Maybe some of them were starting to feel bored thinking there was nothing left to do. Maybe there was that fear for some that they may be caught and put to prison. Some of them started to go back to their old life.

But why wait? Surely God can do everything instantaneously. All at one time, He can ascend and the Holy Spirit can come right away at the same time. So why the wait?

Here are what I believe to be some of the effects of waiting to the disciples:

1. Waiting made them stay together and be as one. It trained them to be more dependent on each other. It built them closer as a family.

2. Waiting taught them endurance to keep on praying. It helped them press in some more. In Acts 2:1, they prayed and pressed in together.

3. Waiting taught them to be focused on the purposes of God, not to be distracted by other concerns in life.

4. Waiting trained them how to listen to God and know His timing and directions.

5. Waiting taught them to strengthen one another day by day.

And most importantly…

6. Waiting trained them to have an expectant heart on what God will do next. I believe their heart would always say, “I expect God will do something good to me and through me today!”


Our expectation prepares us for God’s invasion.

God’s plan is for us to be filled with POWER. Jesus promised His disciples that they will receive this power when the Holy Spirit comes. But they had to wait for the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended to heaven. Their expectation prepared them for God’s invasion.

Have you asked yourself why you are in your present situation? I believe you are in the right place where God is about to do something great to you and through you. Remember, in the eyes of God, you are global! Maybe you are still waiting for that much need breakthrough in your life. Learn the value of waiting. Be patient. Whatever you are doing now or whatever your situation is right now, God desires to pour out His power to you so you can do what He has planned for you to do. And He is willing to do it! Always expect that God will do something good to you and through you today.


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Raising World Changers

|Paul Yadao|


World changers are not born. They are raised. And to raise a world changer, you have to be one first.

fisheye crowd
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Within to Without

Change starts within the heart — the inner world. Changing the world out there begins with changing the world in here. From within to without. Shaping our inner world is a process. It requires both attention and right intention. It is the formation of character, right mindset, conviction and core values that determines whether we are becoming a change agent or not.

Right attitudes don’t happen overnight. It is shaped through time and experience. In life, heart matters extremely matter. What goes in you is of much importance to what goes around you.


The Jesus Way

Jesus is a world changer. He is the best model. He raised and transformed a bunch of ragtag disciples, gave them a vision and purpose to live and die for and made them believe that they can change the world. And although many times they faltered, yet they believed. Later on, they did change their world as Jesus said!

Let me share some of the keys to raising world changers the Jesus way.

“And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him. Then He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, And to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons.” Mark 3:13-15.


The Keys

Key #1: ME FIRST. Jesus went up to the mountain to pray. Our time spent with God is crucial in becoming and raising world changers. We have to go up and be changed by God so we can come down and be change agents to the world. Our life with God in the secret place is the secret to our life in the open.

Key #2: RELATIONSHIP. Jesus called those whom He wanted to be with. There must be a heart connection. He called them and they responded. They were invited and not forced. And they responded. Commit to one another. Relationship is built through time. We have to be together to create a culture that reflects heaven. In that culture love is experienced, honor is expressed, value is revealed and risk celebrated.

Key #3: PURPOSE. Jesus appointed them to be with Him and that He might send them. Early on Jesus established and made clear the purpose for the relationship. Relationship without a purpose is self-serving.

Key #4: COMMITMENT. The twelve did not just respond to the invitation of relationship but to the challenge of being sent forth to the world to change it. They made a choice. Commitment requires trust and submission. Both the leader and the disciples must commit to one another, to the purpose and the process of bringing out the best in each one.

Key #5: TRAIN. This is the core of raising world changers — discipleship. Discipleship is about mentoring, coaching, teaching, guiding, and correcting. Jesus prepared them for the future. He set them up for success, not failure. Raise your people based on the future and the vision that God has given you.

Key #6: EMPOWER. Jesus gave them authority and power. He never gave an empty talk or promises to them. He gave them the necessary spiritual authority to carry out the purposes of God.

Key #7: SEND THEM. You have to make them do the Kingdom stuff themselves. But first model it to them. Three areas of sending:

a.) to preach. Meaning they have a message. It is the Good News that the Kingdom is at hand. That Jesus made it possible for all to experience and receive the Kingdom now! The messages that we share come from our time with God and our time with one another. Good News are never meant as sermons but stories and testimonies of the Living God.

b.) to heal the sick. Sickness is one of the manifestations of the works of the enemy. We are called to bring life, healing and blessing to areas where the enemy worked before. Be it in the form of sickness, broken relationships, lusts, poverty, broken businesses or sins, God has called us to bring the shalom (solutions and answers) of heaven.

c.) to cast out demons. We are called to dispossess the enemy. We are called to take territories from the enemy and occupy it with heaven’s influence reality. Casting out of demons is not just about individuals, it can be systems or spheres of influence — education, family, business, government, etc. Send them out to bind the strongman in their areas of assignments.

Jesus believed in His twelve. He saw the transformation of the world through them when they still could hardly look beyond themselves. Despite their weaknesses, He believed in them and poured His life to His band of world changers. He invested 3 ½ years of His life raising them to be the ones who will carry the mandate. At first He sent them to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’ — the training ground. All that they needed to know and to receive to change the entire world was found in their Jerusalem and Judea.

God has called us to be world changers and to raise up world changers like us. Let us follow the way of Jesus.


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Know Yourself, Change the World

|Verge Ascabano|


Knowing our identity is powerful. The ancient Greek philosophers believed in the tenet of “know thyself” and it is one of the foundations of wisdom. But knowing one’s self is not as easy as you may think. That is because you are the least capable person to know what you’re truly capable of.

know yourself
Photo Credit: [ changó ] via Compfight cc

We are our own worst critics and most of the time it’s easier to see what’s wrong with ourselves rather than what’s right. Here are some interesting statistics from research studies:

    • Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful
    • 64% of men are not happy with their appearance
    • 90% of females want to change at least one thing about themselves
    • 81% of men engage in conversation about how unhappy they are about their muscularity
    • 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty


We truly are our own worst critics. So in order to see who we really are, we need a mirror. It’s impossible to get to know who we really are if we just do it on our own. Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, we need a mirror in our lives as well.

The best way of knowing who we really are is by asking the one who created us. Surely He knows every detail of us because He was the one who formed us. He even knows the number of our hair. He is the best mirror we could ever have.

King David, the man after God’s own heart, wrote an exquisite psalm that talks about how God formed us:

Psalm 139:1-6;13-14 NKJV (emphasis added)
1 O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
2 You know my sitting down and my rising up;
You understand my thought afar off.
3 You comprehend my path and my lying down,
And are acquainted with all my ways.
4 For there is not a word on my tongue,
But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
5 You have hedged me behind and before,
And laid Your hand upon me.
6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is high, I cannot attain it.

13 For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made


God is our maker and He knows us very well. He knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows when we sit down or when we stand up. He knows all our ways and our habits. He understands us. Isn’t that amazing? When at times we don’t know why we’re doing things we shouldn’t do, He still knows us well. When we’re confused about who we really are, He still knows us. And He knows us very well. He understands us. And we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are God’s masterpiece. You are not an accident. You are wonderful. You are unique! There’s no one else like you in this world. And God designed you that way for a purpose.

The apostle Paul writes in his letter to God’s people in Ephesus about us…

Ephesians 2:10 (emphasis added)
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

We are God’s workmanship or masterpiece. And He created us for the purpose of doing good works. And He has already prepared these good works beforehand and we only have to walk in them. Isn’t God amazing?

He created every detail of our being with great craftsmanship and every feature has a purpose. He carefully crafted us for a specific purpose and that is to do good works. And when we do these good works, we’ll be able to change the world around us.


Indeed, there’s gold inside of you. You just have to discover it and bring it out. God believes in you and He believes in what you can do. You just have to believe in Him first so that you can believe in yourself as well. You are unique and you have something in you that can help change the world around you.

Step Into Your Destiny

Every good work has already been prepared by God for you to walk in. He created you to make a difference in the world around you. Now step into your destiny and begin to know yourself. Look into the eyes of your maker and He will show you who you really are. He believes in you and He is excited to see you become the world changer He has created you to be!


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The Truest Form of Treasure

|Odessa Dacmay|


Some fight so hard to get what they want whilst some wonder how all their blessings just fall on their lap. Some struggle to reach their dreams whilst some just enjoy the fruits of their labour. Some try to keep their head above the water whilst some are walking on water.

treasure chest
Photo Credit: Ben Beard via Compfight cc

But whether you are on the right or left side of receiving, or even in the middle, at the end of the day, history belongs to those who have given and not to those who have only taken. It’s not how big the amount you have spent but how big your heart you have poured out. The world changers are those who gave… and gave… and gave. Receiving inspires your own heart but giving transforms not just your heart, but others as well.

What inspires you to take? More likely it’s yourself. But what drives you to give? I bet this question shifts your focus. It directs you to a deeper meaning of life. Only in giving will we understand the true value of our riches, our blessings. I believe even the richest persons in the world will never have that greatest and truest form of treasure without a heart who genuinely knows how to bless others. Like John Maxwell said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It’s also like saying, “People really don’t care how rich you are or how blessed you are until they know how big your heart is for others or how much you just enjoy making someone happy.”

Some actually don’t realize that the more they are willing to let go of their blessings, the more the Blessor will fill their barn. Who can outdo the generosity of our Heavenly Father? Naah, our generosity definitely has limitations but He is unlimited!

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6:38 NLT

But at the end of the day, after all these laughters, after all the sharing of joy to others, the one who truly knows the Ultimate Giver will just naturally overflow.


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