Empowered by God

|Paul Yadao|


The world around us is looking for an authentic experience and demonstration of God’s love and goodness. Like mirrors, our lives are the best reflection of the image of God. Our lives that have been shaped by our personal relationship with the Almighty God are the powerful messages that the world reads and listens to. Our stories of miracles and blessings are like salt that triggers thirst to those who hear and observe our lives.

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God is inviting us to dream with Him and change the world around us with His goodness, power and love.

The world is looking for models, for heroes, for champions. But what we see on the internet , the television or all around us are models based on personalities. Personalities are given accolades based on their charisma rather than character. We see that there are those who rise to the top because of their talents but they are lacking in integrity. God desires to reveal to this world His beauty, goodness, glory and love. And this is through His sons and daughters, you and I, that He sovereignly plans to do it. This is an invitation to change the world around us by His love and power.

Samaritan Woman

One of the most amazing stories in the Gospel that gives us a glimpse of the power of a transformed life is that of the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-26.

Jesus chose to stay and He initiated a conversation with a Samaritan woman. She came to draw water from the well and Jesus asked her, “Give me a drink.” In the course of the conversation Jesus unveiled one important truth—that He is able to give the Living Water of God to those who ask. Then a hunger rose in the heart of the woman and she said, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst nor come here to drink.”

Jesus said, “Go call your husband.” This statement unveiled the real issue in the heart of the woman. She has been looking for true love—something that could satisfy her inner thirst.

Then the conversation shifted to something spiritual as the woman perceived that He is a prophet. Jesus eventually revealed the heart of God—the Father is seeking for worshippers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. And as if something happens in a moment, Jesus said, now is that time.The woman’s hunger touched something in the heart of Jesus. In the process she received the living water, the love she has been looking for. She has been set free from all the brokenness and shame.

And something amazing happened. She went to her town telling the men what Jesus did. She became the mouthpiece for God’s goodness, forgiveness and love. No more shame. No guilt. No intimidation. She proclaimed and demonstrated her freedom and it awakened a thirst in the hearts of others.

It came so natural. It was an overflow of the living water she has received. Perhaps some of those men were the ones who criticized or gossiped or slandered her. She was an outcast before she met Jesus. But after she received the gift of life she became the proclaimer of Good News. Such is the impact of her story that the whole town came out to see Jesus.


Her testimony became a catalyst for others to seek for the water that quenches the inner thirst of mankind. She became the very message of God’s goodness, love and power. Her testimony became a salt to their hearts that created the thirst for eternal things.

A God-empowered life will empower other lives.

When you look around do you see people looking for the living water? Can you feel their ache for things that only God can give but they look for it in different places? Can you identify with their brokenness, shame or guilt? Do you feel God’s heart for the lost?

Look around. Do you see present-day Samaritan women or men? Ask God to set you up for an opportunity to share your story of how good He is to you. Share your blessings. Show kindness. Be generous. Risk and love others and see what God will do through you. He’s calling you to change the world with Him.


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