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The Destiny Podcast™

Welcome! The Destiny Podcast is a weekly broadcast of life-changing preaching messages from the Destiny pastors. Though some of the audio were recorded very raw, our desire is that you may receive fresh revelations from the Father through these recordings.


Series 1 - Twenty-one Days of Fire

Day 7: Faith is Walking with God – Ps Paul Yadao
Day 6: Persistence of Faith – Ps Paul Yadao
Day 5: Abiding in His Presence – Ps Verge Ascabano
Day 4: The Heart of Intercession - Ps Verge Ascabano
Day 3: The Violence of Faith - Ps Paul Yadao
Day 2: Humility is a Choice – Ps Paul Yadao
Day 1: The Need for Humility – Ps Paul Yadao

Series 1, Episode 5: Abiding in His Presence [Podcast]

In his repentance, David shared with us a revelation and the key to abiding in the presence of God – a broken and contrite heart. Humility and brokenness is not something we can ask from God; it is a conscious decision and effort to cultivate our intimacy with Him.

Series 1, Episode 4: The Heart of Intercession [Podcast]

Before Jesus ascended, he left his disciples with the promise of the Holy Spirit. They prayed with one passion, and received the promise at the day of Pentecost. In the same way, Destiny was started and rooted in intercession, with hungry hearts passionately seeking one thing — the presence of God.

Series 1, Episode 3: The Violence of Faith [Podcast]

The Destiny movement is rooted in humility, brokenness, reverential worship, fear of the Lord, and radical service to Him. With violent faith, students would pray at the right side of the library with loud cries, contending for revival in the campus and claiming nations as inheritance. This is the kind of faith that cannot be denied.

The Destiny Podcast, Season 1, Episodes 1-7 [Podcast]

Welcome to the first season of The Destiny Podcast. The messages in Season 1 were all taken from our 21 Days of Fire prayer and fasting campaign. They were recorded raw at the daily dawn prayer meetings at the right side of the UPLB Main Library, where the revival started.

Series 1, Episode 1: The Need for Humility [Podcast]

Truth in the inward parts, steadfastness of heart and humility puts us in a posture of receiving from God. As sons and daughters of God we have full access to the secret place coming in with faith as priests, offering through grace not just intercession for ourselves but also for others.

Soaking in God’s Presence [Podcast]

Welcome to the Destiny Podcast. In this recording, Paul Yadao shares at the monthly prayer gathering of the churches of Los Banos Alliance for Revival, Reformation and Missions (LBARRM) about soaking in the presence of God.

The Fire of God

Paul Yadao shares about the fire that comes from God.

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