Raising World Changers

|Paul Yadao|


World changers are not born. They are raised. And to raise a world changer, you have to be one first.

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Within to Without

Change starts within the heart — the inner world. Changing the world out there begins with changing the world in here. From within to without. Shaping our inner world is a process. It requires both attention and right intention. It is the formation of character, right mindset, conviction and core values that determines whether we are becoming a change agent or not.

Right attitudes don’t happen overnight. It is shaped through time and experience. In life, heart matters extremely matter. What goes in you is of much importance to what goes around you.


The Jesus Way

Jesus is a world changer. He is the best model. He raised and transformed a bunch of ragtag disciples, gave them a vision and purpose to live and die for and made them believe that they can change the world. And although many times they faltered, yet they believed. Later on, they did change their world as Jesus said!

Let me share some of the keys to raising world changers the Jesus way.

“And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him. Then He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, And to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons.” Mark 3:13-15.


The Keys

Key #1: ME FIRST. Jesus went up to the mountain to pray. Our time spent with God is crucial in becoming and raising world changers. We have to go up and be changed by God so we can come down and be change agents to the world. Our life with God in the secret place is the secret to our life in the open.

Key #2: RELATIONSHIP. Jesus called those whom He wanted to be with. There must be a heart connection. He called them and they responded. They were invited and not forced. And they responded. Commit to one another. Relationship is built through time. We have to be together to create a culture that reflects heaven. In that culture love is experienced, honor is expressed, value is revealed and risk celebrated.

Key #3: PURPOSE. Jesus appointed them to be with Him and that He might send them. Early on Jesus established and made clear the purpose for the relationship. Relationship without a purpose is self-serving.

Key #4: COMMITMENT. The twelve did not just respond to the invitation of relationship but to the challenge of being sent forth to the world to change it. They made a choice. Commitment requires trust and submission. Both the leader and the disciples must commit to one another, to the purpose and the process of bringing out the best in each one.

Key #5: TRAIN. This is the core of raising world changers — discipleship. Discipleship is about mentoring, coaching, teaching, guiding, and correcting. Jesus prepared them for the future. He set them up for success, not failure. Raise your people based on the future and the vision that God has given you.

Key #6: EMPOWER. Jesus gave them authority and power. He never gave an empty talk or promises to them. He gave them the necessary spiritual authority to carry out the purposes of God.

Key #7: SEND THEM. You have to make them do the Kingdom stuff themselves. But first model it to them. Three areas of sending:

a.) to preach. Meaning they have a message. It is the Good News that the Kingdom is at hand. That Jesus made it possible for all to experience and receive the Kingdom now! The messages that we share come from our time with God and our time with one another. Good News are never meant as sermons but stories and testimonies of the Living God.

b.) to heal the sick. Sickness is one of the manifestations of the works of the enemy. We are called to bring life, healing and blessing to areas where the enemy worked before. Be it in the form of sickness, broken relationships, lusts, poverty, broken businesses or sins, God has called us to bring the shalom (solutions and answers) of heaven.

c.) to cast out demons. We are called to dispossess the enemy. We are called to take territories from the enemy and occupy it with heaven’s influence reality. Casting out of demons is not just about individuals, it can be systems or spheres of influence — education, family, business, government, etc. Send them out to bind the strongman in their areas of assignments.

Jesus believed in His twelve. He saw the transformation of the world through them when they still could hardly look beyond themselves. Despite their weaknesses, He believed in them and poured His life to His band of world changers. He invested 3 ½ years of His life raising them to be the ones who will carry the mandate. At first He sent them to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’ — the training ground. All that they needed to know and to receive to change the entire world was found in their Jerusalem and Judea.

God has called us to be world changers and to raise up world changers like us. Let us follow the way of Jesus.


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