Series 1, Episode 3: The Violence of Faith [Podcast]

Welcome to Series 1, Episode 3 of The Destiny Podcast. In this recording, Paul Yadao shares about the violence of faith. This is Day 3 of our 21-Days of Fire series.

Day 1 - Humility-3

The Destiny movement is rooted in humility, brokenness, reverential worship, fear of the Lord, and radical service to Him. With violent faith, students would pray at the right side of the library with loud cries, contending for revival in the campus and claiming nations as inheritance. This is the kind of faith that cannot be denied.

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Key Points

•  Verses: Hebrews 5:7-9; Matthew 11:1-18

•  Faith has many facets. One side of faith is child-like faith, but there is a side of faith that sees the promises of God and takes hold of and contends for them violently.

•  Even Jesus prayed with loud crying and tears, and He was heard because of His reverential fear. He was a Son, but he learned obedience in the things He suffered.

•  Violent faith is anchored in humility and total dependence on God.

•  History is filled with people with violent faith. From Moses and Jacob, to Charles Finney, Bill Johnson, and Heidi Baker – men and women would pray and intercede for months, contending for the presence and fire of God.

•  There is a portion of our inheritance that we receive freely, but we can only expand something that we own and fight for. Whatever we hold loosely will be taken from us.

•  One of the greatest blocks to revival is offense. When leaders are offended, revival stops. We cannot exercise violence of Godly faith if we are offended.

•  Offense will come to all. When you entertain offense, the favour is blocked. You cannot see the works of God, and you cannot rejoice and embrace the new season, just like a prisoner locked up.

•  We are offended because we are trying to find a place that is not ours. We have a place in the kingdom of God. It is God who gives us that place, and it is God who will bless us in that place.

•  Let go of offense. This church is not ours; this is the church of God. We serve the Lord.

•  The only valid response to any offense is honor. Jesus never undermined the ministry of John the Baptist but honoured him. The only way we can be entrusted with the kingdom is to honor.

•  ”There is no one like John, but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” This is our place. Jesus placed the new generation in a much higher place. God takes residence inside of us.

•  The violent in faith are the ones entrusted with kingdom expansion, those who do not passively ask.

•  We are far more greater than John the Baptist. What is that “more”? What can we access in the kingdom of God? What can we do knowing that our platform is higher than our forefathers?

•  The degree of your violence in faith is the degree of your breakthrough. Will you pay the price?

Memory Verse

Matthews 11:12

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”


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